Our Story

Meet Julie Kang

Julie Kang didn’t set out to be a business woman. As a single mom raising a daughter in Arizona—where summer temperatures often exceed 110 degrees—safeguarding her child from heat exhaustion, stroke, or worse became a top priority.

In need of a solution, Julie decided to create a way to keep her daughter cool and safe during red-hot Arizona days. The result is Cool Carats: first-of-its-kind car seat coolers featuring pioneering CoolTech™ technology and stylish, child-centered designs.

Since 2013, Julie has worked tirelessly as a solopreneur committed to sharing the lifesaving benefits of her ever-changing lineup of fun, child-centered, car seat cooling designs. She’s built a dynamic brand rooted in an intimate connection with parents committed to doing all that’s possible to protect their children from harmful heat. Despite her daughter now being old enough to sit next to her in the front seat, Julie continues to press forward with hopes of sharing what she's learned and developed, with aims of expanding in ways that further simplify on-the-go parenting.