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Our easy-to-use car seat coolers are the ultimate must-have for thoughtful parents in search of cooling solutions for frequent commutes in hot conditions.


What Cool kids are saying!

This seat cooler has been a game changer for us this summer! Not only does it keep our sons seat cool, it also stays frozen when kept in the car folded up under our seat. When purchasing i thought it would unfreeze right away and it did not! I use this every time we go out and it lasts almost all day. I'm glad I finally found something that would help me keep him cool because I would always feel so bad having to put him in the warm seat as soon as we got into the car.

Cassie G.

If you live in the southern half of the U.S., car seat buckles can get dangerously hot during the warm season. This is a real remedy for that. Thanks to whoever designed it. It cools down the seat as well as the buckles and shoulder buckles to a comfortable and safe temperature. I wished I had bought this sooner because I realize we were putting the kids through unnecessary trauma by sitting them on the scorching seats and buckles.


They take up most of your freezer space but they are so worth it! We can go out for errands or an adventure in the middle of AZ 110 degree summer and come back hours later and the car seats are still cool! No more over heating in the car or waiting for the buckles to cool down. I've used these since my boys were infants and they last forever if you take care of them- I just replaced my first one from about 6 years ago


I really didn't want to spend the money on this initially, it seemed like too much for it. However, it has done a great job so far keeping our son's car seat cool. We just entered an extreme heat warning and the entire car will be suffocating, but our little guy's seat feeling cool. It does leave a little wet spot from time to time from the condensation, but it dries up in no time out here. Overall a great investment!


Add to cart and check out IMMEDIATELY!! This thing is the best! When it's 115 degrees outside we can go all day from activity to activity and it still stays frozen!


Stays cold for HOURS. My kids are both rear facing and WAY less sweaty now. Legitimately thankful for this product!

Laura D.

We have loved and used these often. They keep the seats cool for several hours and easily fit in graco carseats. My biggest complaint is I wish they were the gel kind instead of the water stuff inside them because they freeze in weird shapes unless you lay them out correctly.


I was hesitant to spend this kind of money on something like this but SO glad I did. It works wonders even after being on the car seat after hours in the hot AZ heat. All parents should own this if they plan to have kids in a car seat during the hot summer, nothing else you use at home will work as good as this.

Erik R.